Breaking GDP growth by POTUS demonstrates the Great Depression skew even more significantly. Let’s have a look by President, starting Wilson’s years after WWI: There’s something here for everyone to like. The Depression skews are clearly seen on the two outliers, FDR and Hoover. Remove those, and LBJ and Harding are in a virtual dead […]

These visualizations very simply compares the average annual increase in GDP growth between the two parties, starting from four different points in time, measured in real dollars on a per capita basis. Clearly, in the larger metrics (After WW1 forward and GD & Forward) Democrat presidents hold a substantial advantage in GDP growth results. However, […]

Who has the best economics results? The Democrats, or the Republicans? Like most time-series questions, the answer is “it depends” on the assumptions of the analysis, how the data is normalized. and the boundaries of the time series.  First, the data must be viewed on a per capita basis and in real dollars. Dollar data […]